"In a sense of tectological interconnections: they 'pair up' with 'peer'-complexities, to assemble into even higher level complexities - and so on. There is no highest 'President-Complexity' (!) sitting at the 'top', presiding over nature's hierarchy. Just as we did not find a 'bottom-peon' simplicity. We just have to learn how to use the word 'unlimited'. Planck's order of magnitude is a practical limit of human representation of our bottom assembly, for both the smallest and simplest we can think of (now), just as the 'universe' is the upper level of our representational view".  TECTOLOGY John A. Mikes 1997

"Art from the 80's and 90's" by Pilar Bonet,
"Contemporary Art philosophy" by  Martí Peran

"Later 2006" by Mon-3, and Ana Maria Guasch.
Three courses registered: "South America (...)", "Political Conflicts (...)", and "Art History"


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Pilar Bonet::


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Later 2006::