I'm ofering you some random images about subjects of my interest having in mind the perspective that you can use them to illustrate any related article or post. Or you can just watch them for your entertainment.
Here in the bulk version I want to give you some links I do like or dislike especially, just to share with you a litle bit more of my love.

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Government, the picture

Dirty crapp world



E-mail account, family, friends, etc. This is a real artist, with real artworks: his website
(notice an orbital shith very, very close to his mouth ...)
(conceptual artist)


There must be a shit on earth especifically made for you to eat...



In the Godless oblivion of the workers, Buenaventura Durruti already knows what is happening...
And so does Robert Owen.
Following the Pareto Principle, imagine that 80% communist literature was bullshit, but there was a strong 20% made with the steel of Gods.


(depiction of some Aggregates in real time, mesured in calories)

The Intellect and the Unconsious in the inocent body of a monkey.

(allegory of Asia)